Scenery – Seaside

Captured this during my annual leave. Simply love the relaxation moment at the seaside, gonna to miss this place.

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Quick way put your Mac to sleep to save energy


The power button on MacBook allows you to put your Mac into sleep mode. To do this, just hold down your power button for one second and release it.

When you are away from your desk, you might leave leave your machine on the desk, it will takes some time to go to sleep mode depending on your power savings settings in your system preference. If you want to put it sleep quickly, then the power button will do.

Besides, there is a little changes on the behavior of the MacBook power button. Previously you just needed to press the button once only to go to sleep mode.

Changes of Behavior in Power Button
After the recent system update by Apple, the power button no longer works if you press once. Now you need to ‘hold and release’ to execute the ‘Sleep’.

I find it good especially when you accidentally pressed the power button while typing on the MacBook keyboard. So you won’t get into unwanted Sleep which interrupt your work there.

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Buy Nike+ FuelBand SE in Malaysia

nike-fuelbandLooking forward to have Nike+ FuelBand? Unfortunately Nike+ FuelBand SE is not available in Asia. But only in US or other European country, not even Singapore…

How did I get my Nike+ FuelBand SE in Malaysia?

I have been travelling around shops and Nike retail stores to look for this awesome gadget. But no luck, they do not sell this product. Most of the worker will tell you, ‘buy online’.

Sorry to say that some staff in the stores reacts with annoying feeling when I asked for Nike+ FuelBand SE. I bet quite numbers of people been already started looking for this product from Nike Store in Malaysia.

So there is no other way, but to buy online.

Nike Online Store?

Unfortunately, the online store for Nike+ FuelBand and some other products are not available for Asia region. Therefore, there is no way you place an order from Nike online store to deliver to Asia country, for time being.

1. Ebay/Amazon

So, this is our last trump card. Almost every consumer products can be found here. And this is where I bought my Nike+ FuelBand.

There were quite numbers of seller selling Nike+ FuelBand at Ebay, and the price is slightly higher than the retail price by Nike. But no choice, if you really love the product you should go for it.

You can choose any seller of your favorite. As a piece of advice, you should buy from high ranking seller, to avoid online scam and you’ll lost money. Be extra caution, though.

Here’s some recommendations to get your Nike+ Fuelband

2., (Malaysia only)

Alternatively, you may get Nike+ FuelBand from Malaysia online store as well. I have been wandering around these web store, some seller offers second hand FuelBand. So if you don’t mind about 2nd hand product, this is the place for you.

Also, you need to be quick enough to place your order, as this product has high demand and quickly sold out.

However, you may try to contact the seller too, even if it is sold out or not, to obtain information on how they manage to get this high demand Nike+ FuelBand imported.

Good news is that, some people manage to go overseas working, especially to western country, and they could import these high quality products.

Known Risks

A lot of website put the price of Nike fuelband in this way –  USD 149 (RM 473). Please be reminded that this is direct conversion without added any taxes. The price shall be higher than this.

There is no support in Asia country, it means if something wrong happens to the Nike+ FuelBand, or technical difficulties, you might have hard time to resolve these issue.

Next, the product is imported, it will be incurred with taxes when transport at the custom. Therefore, be prepared for some amount of extra fee to get your goods.


Well, that’s all my thought on this matter. Hope it helps you. Salam sejahtera, 身体健康 ^^

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Going to Faber Heights from Wangsa Maju

Wangsa Maju
> Pasarseni
> Rapid Bus U70 > Faber Heights, Jalan Desa Utama

It all started from take a LRT ride from Wangsa Maju LRT to LRT Kelana Jaya. After that take Rapid Bus U70.

There is another two buses as alternative, they were U504 and U72. But take note that these two buses only take you to Tokong Cina, Jalan Klang Lama. And then you’ll have to take a walk to Faber Heights. Well, if you intend to get some exercise, this is the way I guess. :D

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How to Connect KORG Microkey 37/61 to iPad/iPhone

Wanted to enjoy iOS Garageband using external midi keyboard? Connecting the midi keyboard through the camera adapter to iPad/iPhone is possible.

Things you need:

Camera adapter
Powered USB hub

Let’s Do It!

1. Connect Microkey to one of the port at USB hub.

2. Connect USB hub to the iPad/iPhone camera adapter.

3. Switch on the power for USB hub. (supplying electrical power to midi keyboard)

4. Connect the camera adapter to iPad/iPhone.

5. Launch Garageband from iOS.


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Shameful Things I did. Failed as Designer.

Our company is going to change new website. I’ve in full spirit of taking up the responsible as this is my enthusiasts in design web page. But I have done one big mistake! I am really feeling self condemn of this wrong steps I took.

I have done the design, and then print out for boss to study and evaluate. Printing it out, it’s the biggest mistakes I’ve made! This is due to our office printer outputs terrible printing especially when print graphics stuffs. It is not meant for graphic design printing, and I was unaware of it and let it print out my awesome design!

The consequences is that, the boss never able to figure out the essence of my design through the piece of paper I handed up. The color effects doesn’t show out on the paper, hence no design impression to people who looking at it. The most important thing about design is to impress others, in the sense that luring the person’s thought go deeper thoughts guided by the elements of arts that has been presented through the art piece. In other words, motivating..

Whatever..however.. Whatsoever… I should have knew that web design should presented on screen, not by a piece of paper! Paper isn’t the main media for website! Ouch!!!

What happened next was, boss judges according to the quality-worn-out design, and ended up suggest something nonsense to the design, which is doesn’t jive to the design.

Thing incidents I really blame myself for it. I really hope that in the end of the day, my original style and design will be used.

And I always telling myself, if you don’t have a good printing, present your work on iPad. Full color saturation and perfect screen presentation.

I also blame myself for not using my expensive iPad to present artwork, I am just simply noob this time…

My bad my bad! T,T

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Chinese New Year 2013, Year of Snake

20130130-132602.jpgJust draw some snakes in preparing Chinese New Year cards. It’s a new insight on how to create new image clip using the most natural means.

In fact I drew the subject on a piece of paper, and then using iPhone to take a photo of it for further processing in photoshops.

The results is so great, with the good camera lens of iPhone, I am able to capture the drawing and transferred it into computer without using scanner. And the process is very quick and fast.

Instead of using scanner to capture images, you have alternative way to do so by using high def camera or even phone camera. So hope this would be one solution for your case that when you wanted to capture image, but there is no proper scanner around.

Using phone camera to capture image isn’t bad at all. It does good enough serve the purpose. Personally, I find it very effective and practical.

Upcoming Post: The Further Image Processing on Camera-captured Drawings

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Restrict to web safe color in your web design?

web safe color pallete

web safe color pallete

Nowadays most of the web browsing device supports high color resolutions, therefore you can forget about the web-safe color. As long as your web page is intended for viewing from computer, or even tablet, just go ahead using any color when you design your web page.

Let no one restricts your creativity, it’s yours. The 216 color pallete not making vibrant stunning effect on your work, and I personally just find that the color is less appeal to audience eyes.

When to use web safe color?
However, if you are prioritize on user accessibility, it is important in some case.

Besides, if your page is intended for client print out, web safe color offers color that is close to the printing color. And you will be able to make a good prints that is closely similar with what’s displayed on the screen.


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Using Hand Grip to Train Palm Endurance (Guitar Chord Handling)

palm strength training to hold guitar chordsRecently I have been trying to use the hand grip to train my palm to strengthen my hand. I find it works! I can actually hold the chords better and able to hold bar chord for longer period of time.

Bear in mind there is technique to train your gripping endurance. It is not just training hard using the hand grip alone, you must train together with guitar play too.

Training using hand grip alone may turn out making your hand less flexible, it just make your grip stronger; which is not enough.

How to -?
The proper way to do is, after playing guitar till your hand quite tired, and then continue with hand grip training. Or vice versa.

In conclusion, this way is actually training your palm’s muscles get used to the pattern of chord and have more strength to perform or sustain it, instead of just making your palm stronger alone.

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Replace Guitar Strings Periodically

Guiitar soundhole and string closeup shot photograph

The performance of the guitar strings will decreased over the time and frequency of usage. The outcome is the sound become fuzzy and not clear. It will no longer sounds as bright as first time when it is still new.

The strings should be replaced periodically, or when you found the degradation of the sound. Of course, the better quality usually can holds longer period, in expense of the cost. That is why there are quite number of grades of guitar strings, which you can tell by their price.

You should replace your guitar strings, or else no matter how hard you strummed it or plucked it, you can’t hear a good sound. Instead, you’ll just hear some unpleasant hitting beats. It happens to me when I attempted some recordings on the guitar strumming, and the result was, it sounds like noises and no clarity of the guitar strings vibrations.

Budgets for Guitar strings…

Expensive one
Well, I’ll say it’s all depends on your needs. If you think you are regularly playing guitar on performance or recording, you should just go for the expensive one.

Not so expensive
If you are tight to the budget, then just go for the medium range.

Cheap one
As for the low range, or cheap one. Mainly just for beginnner or newbie to guitar, as the string will not last long for a long term performance. Also, poor quality string encourage the guitar newbie to practice replace guitar string on their own more frequently,  good idea? :P

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