First Attempt

This is my previous blog. I build this blog using PHP all the way from scratch. Well I have stopped for a while. Due to incomplete CMS system I try to build. I am not able to maintain it well.

So in this coming years I will try to develop it using WordPress, which I do not need to concern anymore on the system structure of the blog itself. 😀

Wish me luck! 😛


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Do you install your OS in this kind of partition?:> format c: /q /a:64k /fs:ntfs

I tried it, the result is just awesome.

This is not about optimizing startup application, background process, or free up your hard disk space. These all are the method used over the last decades.

This is about doing something on your harddisk drive before you put your OS inside.

Less cluster, faster read/write.

-Large file will be stored in larger cluster, hence less number of cluster required to store a large size file.
Seeking time reduced.
-I the harddisk less burden?

Disk space wastage.

-You will waste a lot of space by storing large number of small cluster files. (Single file that is smaller than 64KB in size)

You probably don’t need to defragment your computer anymore.

Even you defrag your computer, it takes lesser time to do it.
Read and Write speed significantly boosted up.
Fast loading throughout boot process.
Fast software application loading.
Fast copy/paste/delete file process.
Fast hibernation process.
Fast media rendering. (Especially Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, any Audio Editing software, video conversion…)
Take less time to do major system update – Windows Update (U should know it is freaking slow…)
You harddisk easily goes full.

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