Shameful Things I did. Failed as Designer.

Our company is going to change new website. I’ve in full spirit of taking up the responsible as this is my enthusiasts in design web page. But I have done one big mistake! I am really feeling self condemn of this wrong steps I took.

I have done the design, and then print out for boss to study and evaluate. Printing it out, it’s the biggest mistakes I’ve made! This is due to our office printer outputs terrible printing especially when print graphics stuffs. It is not meant for graphic design printing, and I was unaware of it and let it print out my awesome design!

The consequences is that, the boss never able to figure out the essence of my design through the piece of paper I handed up. The color effects doesn’t show out on the paper, hence no design impression to people who looking at it. The most important thing about design is to impress others, in the sense that luring the person’s thought go deeper thoughts guided by the elements of arts that has been presented through the art piece. In other words, motivating..

Whatever..however.. Whatsoever… I should have knew that web design should presented on screen, not by a piece of paper! Paper isn’t the main media for website! Ouch!!!

What happened next was, boss judges according to the quality-worn-out design, and ended up suggest something nonsense to the design, which is doesn’t jive to the design.

Thing incidents I really blame myself for it. I really hope that in the end of the day, my original style and design will be used.

And I always telling myself, if you don’t have a good printing, present your work on iPad. Full color saturation and perfect screen presentation.

I also blame myself for not using my expensive iPad to present artwork, I am just simply noob this time…

My bad my bad! T,T

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  1. e-meow says:

    I am very sad. :'(

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