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iPhone has been stollen from Apple website!

Haha, missing iPhone? Actually just the Internet connection was just happened to be weak and didn’t load the web images completely.

In fact, Apple website is just awesome. Even the absence to the featured product, the design of the website is creating an elegant atmosphere and it’s comfortable to browse around.


And Siri Sings in Taiwan Chinese (Translated in English)…

siri singing chinese taiwansiri singing chinese taiwansiri singing chinese taiwan

I guess I’m too lonely, so I talked to Siri..
After that I asked her to sing…
She didn’t sing. But rather “spell out” the lyrics.. funny…

And she said “Satisfied”?

Translation of our Dialogue
Siri : May I help you?
e-meow : Good Morning.
Siri : Morning? It’s 12:29 morning d!
e-meow : Good Night.
Siri : Good night to you too, e-meow.
e-meow : But I don’t wanna to sleep yet…
Siri : Having backache, stressed up? In this case please call 0800-xxx-xxx.
e-meow : Nope.
Siri : Then that’s not the case..
e-meow : Please sing for me.
Siri : Okay, if you insisted me to do so..

“哥哥爸爸真伟大” ~(Brother father is really great)~

“两只老虎,两只老虎….” ~Frère Jacques

Frère Jacques

Dormez-vous ?

Dormez-vous ?~”……

… Satisfied?

e-meow : Well sang.
Siri : Old Mc Donald had a farm….~~
e-meow : I know this song!
Siri : I am sorry, I don’t understand “I know this song!”. Let me check from the internet for “I know this song!”