This is an online service that helps you to bring visitors to your web site, as well as improving your web site traffic.

This is done by the traffic exchange method – log in to the Easyhits4u site, start surfing people’s website and receive your traffic in return. The traffic will be accumulated in form of credits, so that you can assign to your intended website accordingly.

You can assign the credit of traffic to your site by schedule, in which when you want the visitors visit your site. And also, you can assign visitor of your site geographically, that you may choose which country you want your website be viewed.

Earn Some Cash
Moreover, good things about the Easyhits4u is that you may earn some cash as you surf. The rate is every 1000 site you surfed will be awarded with $0.30.

Of course, if you want to increase the reward, you may refer this service to your friends with the 10-level affiliate system. You will be able to earn extras as well when your friend surf, or buying any service offered by Easyhits4u sites. In other words, you earned commissions.

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