And Siri Sings in Taiwan Chinese (Translated in English)…

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I guess I’m too lonely, so I talked to Siri..
After that I asked her to sing…
She didn’t sing. But rather “spell out” the lyrics.. funny…

And she said “Satisfied”?

Translation of our Dialogue
Siri : May I help you?
e-meow : Good Morning.
Siri : Morning? It’s 12:29 morning d!
e-meow : Good Night.
Siri : Good night to you too, e-meow.
e-meow : But I don’t wanna to sleep yet…
Siri : Having backache, stressed up? In this case please call 0800-xxx-xxx.
e-meow : Nope.
Siri : Then that’s not the case..
e-meow : Please sing for me.
Siri : Okay, if you insisted me to do so..

“哥哥爸爸真伟大” ~(Brother father is really great)~

“两只老虎,两只老虎….” ~Frère Jacques

Frère Jacques

Dormez-vous ?

Dormez-vous ?~”……

… Satisfied?

e-meow : Well sang.
Siri : Old Mc Donald had a farm….~~
e-meow : I know this song!
Siri : I am sorry, I don’t understand “I know this song!”. Let me check from the internet for “I know this song!”

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