Apple Fusion Drive

This is the power of the new hard disk, it’s performance is far exceeding the conventional hard disks.

I do believe the bottleneck of the commuter performance is hard disk. After you upgraded your memory to the max, hard disk is the next thing you should considered.

I used to use a laptop with 5700 rpm speed drive, and maxed system memory. But the system performance doesn’t fulfill my needs – it takes time to spin the hard disk to get access to the programs. After that, I upgraded my hard disk to performance hard disk, the western digital black, scorpion 7200 rpm with 500 GB which cost me about RM 350. It is expensive, I still remember the day I went to the shop and the promoter told me it is not cheap.

Well, it does improve the overall system loading, especially when I open multiple editing programs at one time (I am working with some multimedia productions, it’s my need anyway). However, I still not satisfied with the results. Because the waiting time is still there, which is greatly oppose to my working style.

As a Matter of fact, I don’t have the leisure to multitasking ideas from my brain while waiting for the computer to take part the multitasking cue – It suppose work faster than me.

After some times of struggling with the conventional drive, I finally change my computer to MacBook Air with the full SSD drive, and it just resolves all my problems. Everything goes fast, great performance, and I just ready to work every time I lift up the MacBook Air lit. Unlike my previous PC laptop, it takes a lot of time to load the application again.

Of course, the SSD drive come with cost, it is far more expensive than the conventional hard disk drives. And today experts has come out another solution, which is fusion drive. It is not as fast as the SSD drive, but cheaper than SSD. And better than the conventional drive. In short, it is something in between SSD and conventional drive.

Therefore if you can’t afford the SSD, just go for fusion drive, if you are really serious about working on computer.

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