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Using Hand Grip to Train Palm Endurance (Guitar Chord Handling)

palm strength training to hold guitar chordsRecently I have been trying to use the hand grip to train my palm to strengthen my hand. I find it works! I can actually hold the chords better and able to hold bar chord for longer period of time.

Bear in mind there is technique to train your gripping endurance. It is not just training hard using the hand grip alone, you must train together with guitar play too.

Training using hand grip alone may turn out making your hand less flexible, it just make your grip stronger; which is not enough.

How to -?
The proper way to do is, after playing guitar till your hand quite tired, and then continue with hand grip training. Or vice versa.

In conclusion, this way is actually training your palm’s muscles get used to the pattern of chord and have more strength to perform or sustain it, instead of just making your palm stronger alone.

Replace Guitar Strings Periodically

Guiitar soundhole and string closeup shot photograph

The performance of the guitar strings will decreased over the time and frequency of usage. The outcome is the sound become fuzzy and not clear. It will no longer sounds as bright as first time when it is still new.

The strings should be replaced periodically, or when you found the degradation of the sound. Of course, the better quality usually can holds longer period, in expense of the cost. That is why there are quite number of grades of guitar strings, which you can tell by their price.

You should replace your guitar strings, or else no matter how hard you strummed it or plucked it, you can’t hear a good sound. Instead, you’ll just hear some unpleasant hitting beats. It happens to me when I attempted some recordings on the guitar strumming, and the result was, it sounds like noises and no clarity of the guitar strings vibrations.

Budgets for Guitar strings…

Expensive one
Well, I’ll say it’s all depends on your needs. If you think you are regularly playing guitar on performance or recording, you should just go for the expensive one.

Not so expensive
If you are tight to the budget, then just go for the medium range.

Cheap one
As for the low range, or cheap one. Mainly just for beginnner or newbie to guitar, as the string will not last long for a long term performance. Also, poor quality string encourage the guitar newbie to practice replace guitar string on their own more frequently,  good idea? 😛

Sign up for Contributor Lounge

I just sign up to contributor lounge, thinking of starting some way to earn side income using   talents. Besides, I hope that music created will become blessings to those who in need.

Music can heal, encourage a person. Therefore I find it is some power to those who has ability to compose and perform musics or songs. Giving people more positive power to make a person’s life better.

It is great that to hear some of the music contributor’s masterpiece from Their works brings courage and lifted up the spirit indeed. They are really wonderful and awesome, as my days had been brightened.

Next, I find that it is not easy to create a proper music as there’s some tight guideline, especially in some technical way. In fact, I manage to redo some parts of the music, fixing the mistakes before submitting to the contributor application.

When thing get done, I should more focus on music playing and practices in order to get more inspiration to create new music. It needs a lot of efforts and time, but I think I will enjoy throughout the process.

How to Disable IE Compatibility View and Show The Best Appearance of Web Page

turn off internet explorer compatibility viewMost of the time when you are turning on the compatibility view on Internet explorer 9, the appearance of the web page design looks… Poor.

This is an issue that really cracks the head of a web designers. CSS3 meant to be the catalyst for designer to show forth his spirit and will power to create something beautiful. And by the restriction of IE compatibility view, it automatically disable most of the css3 features. Eventually It killed all efforts of designer to create a beautiful page that enhance user browsing experience.

In order to tackle this issue, it is good that to keep the Internet explorer stick to the latest web technology. In other words, not to let the browser turn off the CSS3 features, so that your website will display at the best appearance.

To do this, thou shall put this code at the head section of your HTML file.

Code here:

<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge” >

In fact, it is a meta tag.

The above tag is setting the Internet explorer to hide the compatibility button, and set
the website display Internet explorer 9 view version by default.

Well, that solves the problem that Internet explorer display with unpleasant view.

So, you might ask how about the Internet explorer 7 and 8? For these two version, you may put some script to inform user that their browser out of date. This is also to encourage them to use latest version or other modern browser like Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Apple Fusion Drive

This is the power of the new hard disk, it’s performance is far exceeding the conventional hard disks.

I do believe the bottleneck of the commuter performance is hard disk. After you upgraded your memory to the max, hard disk is the next thing you should considered.

I used to use a laptop with 5700 rpm speed drive, and maxed system memory. But the system performance doesn’t fulfill my needs – it takes time to spin the hard disk to get access to the programs. After that, I upgraded my hard disk to performance hard disk, the western digital black, scorpion 7200 rpm with 500 GB which cost me about RM 350. It is expensive, I still remember the day I went to the shop and the promoter told me it is not cheap.

Well, it does improve the overall system loading, especially when I open multiple editing programs at one time (I am working with some multimedia productions, it’s my need anyway). However, I still not satisfied with the results. Because the waiting time is still there, which is greatly oppose to my working style.

As a Matter of fact, I don’t have the leisure to multitasking ideas from my brain while waiting for the computer to take part the multitasking cue – It suppose work faster than me.

After some times of struggling with the conventional drive, I finally change my computer to MacBook Air with the full SSD drive, and it just resolves all my problems. Everything goes fast, great performance, and I just ready to work every time I lift up the MacBook Air lit. Unlike my previous PC laptop, it takes a lot of time to load the application again.

Of course, the SSD drive come with cost, it is far more expensive than the conventional hard disk drives. And today experts has come out another solution, which is fusion drive. It is not as fast as the SSD drive, but cheaper than SSD. And better than the conventional drive. In short, it is something in between SSD and conventional drive.

Therefore if you can’t afford the SSD, just go for fusion drive, if you are really serious about working on computer.

This Week’s Blogging Learnings

nuffnang weekly website visitor statisticThis is my learning on how to improve visitor stats. The graph above just something different from last year, since I started my blogging at It’s something never happened before, which the visitor stat has been climbing up.

The report above may not be something impactful to the professional, it may be NOTHING to them, since they tend to have thousands of visitors per day.

But as a beginner, there is something needed to share to anyone who are still under entry-level in blogging, so that they won’t give up easily before they tasted something new.

According to the graph above, the value significantly increased by day. What have I done? In fact, I go around promote by blog. This is one the the technique to improve the number of visitors reading your blog.


“Promote Your Blog” Technique

Normally, most of the blogger telling you to do is post your links at Facebook, Forum, or Blogger Community Page like Technorati, nuffnang and so on.

It’s isn’t Simply Posting Links Anywhere

Promote Website By Sharing Links weirdo and catI just find these ways not effective, if no further efforts been carried out. My findings is that not just posting links only, it has to do with interaction. Why is interaction is so important in the promotion of your blog? With interaction, you have higher chance of receive clicks on the link you’ve shared.

How to do it? First, just find any post in your blog, doesn’t matter if it is old posts or new posts. As long as it is something informative, let’s say: “Creating marble effects using Photoshop”.

Then go to search engine and find forum which is discussing about “photoshop tutorial”, or more specifically “create marble effects forum”. Then, I am sure you will find exact right target of audience who are in this topic.

So if you join the discussion in the forum and at the same time, take chance to share your blog posts which is having the equivalent topic. Through this way, it is high chance for people to visit your blog. And I say, you did it!

The reason behind this is that, people are ready their mindset in the particular topic, and they will certainly explore on the things that is related to their studies.

In a Nutshells

So this way is far more effective than you just simply post your links at “unrelated” place. This is high chances people ignore your links.

As a conclusion, the practical objective in promoting your website is putting a little bit more effort in finding audiences. Hope this is helpful to you all.

Old blog

It’s a old blog there, just want to remind myself that I have to do something about it! last time used to designed the web template with efforts but now it ends up abandoned… 🙁

So been constantly thinking what this site can do… Last time was exploiting it to draw traffics by submitting it to auto traffic sites. Nevertheless, I wont’t do this unethical way to promote website again. Not even my current new web blog…never do that again, it benefited not much.

There is so much you can do to improve and promote your website, by adding more useful and informative contents to the site. The best way is that, keep updating consistently, so that your blog doesn’t seemed ‘abandoned’, which I think also bringing some bad impression to the visitors who visited your website.

So then, keep on working hard to complete the incomplete web blog.

Blog can be part of your life, you should complete it, I guess… (This saying guy is crazy, and made this crazy posts, please ignore him)


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