Buy Nike+ FuelBand SE in Malaysia

nike-fuelbandLooking forward to have Nike+ FuelBand? Unfortunately Nike+ FuelBand SE is not available in Asia. But only in US or other European country, not even Singapore…

How did I get my Nike+ FuelBand SE in Malaysia?

I have been travelling around shops and Nike retail stores to look for this awesome gadget. But no luck, they do not sell this product. Most of the worker will tell you, ‘buy online’.

Sorry to say that some staff in the stores reacts with annoying feeling when I asked for Nike+ FuelBand SE. I bet quite numbers of people been already started looking for this product from Nike Store in Malaysia.

So there is no other way, but to buy online.

Nike Online Store?

Unfortunately, the online store for Nike+ FuelBand and some other products are not available for Asia region. Therefore, there is no way you place an order from Nike online store to deliver to Asia country, for time being.

1. Ebay/Amazon

So, this is our last trump card. Almost every consumer products can be found here. And this is where I bought my Nike+ FuelBand.

There were quite numbers of seller selling Nike+ FuelBand at Ebay, and the price is slightly higher than the retail price by Nike. But no choice, if you really love the product you should go for it.

You can choose any seller of your favorite. As a piece of advice, you should buy from high ranking seller, to avoid online scam and you’ll lost money. Be extra caution, though.

Here’s some recommendations to get your Nike+ Fuelband

2., (Malaysia only)

Alternatively, you may get Nike+ FuelBand from Malaysia online store as well. I have been wandering around these web store, some seller offers second hand FuelBand. So if you don’t mind about 2nd hand product, this is the place for you.

Also, you need to be quick enough to place your order, as this product has high demand and quickly sold out.

However, you may try to contact the seller too, even if it is sold out or not, to obtain information on how they manage to get this high demand Nike+ FuelBand imported.

Good news is that, some people manage to go overseas working, especially to western country, and they could import these high quality products.

Known Risks

A lot of website put the price of Nike fuelband in this way –  USD 149 (RM 473). Please be reminded that this is direct conversion without added any taxes. The price shall be higher than this.

There is no support in Asia country, it means if something wrong happens to the Nike+ FuelBand, or technical difficulties, you might have hard time to resolve these issue.

Next, the product is imported, it will be incurred with taxes when transport at the custom. Therefore, be prepared for some amount of extra fee to get your goods.


Well, that’s all my thought on this matter. Hope it helps you. Salam sejahtera, 身体健康 ^^

10 thoughts on “Buy Nike+ FuelBand SE in Malaysia”

    1. I’ve never been visiting singapore yet, perhaps some store have imported fuel band on their own. So you can check around with the singaporean.

      And, in Malaysia some people managed to import Nike fuel band and actually they sold it at price around RM650-RM800.

      In fact, I bought it directly from eBay, which cost me RM600. It ships within 4 days from US. After the shipping cost and custom taxes, the total almost reaching RM1000 (well, a little bit disappointed).

      Ebay is fast and efficient, but make sure to buy from high ranked seller.

      Which way will you choose? 😛

  1. Wow. So expensive. What is the tax to pay? Electronic item? It based on percentage? Pay the tax ehen it arrived in pos malaysia klia?

    1. Not so sure about the tax details. It just itemized in the bill as “custom duty” which cost me RM100++.
      The delivery is quite expensive at RM200++..

      When it reach at KLIA, the Fedex actually help me to pay the duty first. When it send the goods over to me, then I reimburse back to them. – paying to the delivery workers on the spot upon receiving.

      1. Hi,

        I’m planning to buy a Fitbit directly from their website. Read its with free shipping. Your case, there was a delivery around RM200++, was that not informed by the seller?

        Then about the tax? Read in forums there are no taxes for certain items. In my opinion like Nike FB too. Don’t know y u got taxed.

    1. Last time I bought it around 500++..
      Nowadays it is easier to get Nikefuelband from many online store like groupon, lazada etc. It is 2nd generation and much cheaper now.

      Wish you can get one soon and enjoy your fitness traninig ^^

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