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Sejahtera Malaysia Finger Style

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Competition on a Malaysian Song “Sejahtera Malaysia” (Peaceful Malaysia)
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Contestant 10: Sing or Play "Sejahtera Malaysia" Patriotic Song Contest!

Posted by The Guitar Store Malaysia on Selasa, 22 Mei 2018

Phone Blogging

imageJust took a random photo using my old Samsung Omnia II GT-i8000, through WordPress apps.

It’s a windows mobile 6 PDA phone, but currently using Android Froyo OS.

Well, at least it served the purpose, now can make a blog post like this although there’s some wifi issue on this phone. And it’s performance is seriously poor, and working slowly.

The phone has been 3 years old. Don’t. Know whether going to continue or change…depends to the situation.

The Hobbit Animated 1977

Since “The Hobbit” movie is going to release soon, why not have a first watch on the classic release? The Hobbit was done in Animation since 1977. It’s truly classic, and I really loved it!

The length of the animated movie is about one hour plus. Experiencing the adventurous challenges faced by Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the wizard, accompany by the wonderful classic music. I strongly recommended everyone to watch this animation especially J. R. R. Tolkien Fans!

Since the release of The Lord of the Rings, it has been taking my attention towards the fantasy world pictured and imagined, such as elf, human, dwarf which was some character found in many pc RPG games in old times, even today. These fantasy world concept still been applied in many fantasy stories or games.

Hope you enjoy this movie, cheers! 😀

Watch the classic animation here

Life ins’t easy

Almost There by Tham Chen Hois

It’s been tiring day, especially emotions… suppose not to let it affect life. Many things still need to be settled.

Well, thank God that I am able to compose a music to reorganise my thoughts. There’s still hope out there. Hope this music will encouraged you too.

In fact, it was done quickly, therefore the guitar recording doesn’t that good this time.

iPhone has been stollen from Apple website!

Haha, missing iPhone? Actually just the Internet connection was just happened to be weak and didn’t load the web images completely.

In fact, Apple website is just awesome. Even the absence to the featured product, the design of the website is creating an elegant atmosphere and it’s comfortable to browse around.


The Hand Wash Television Commercial

hand-wash-soap-lifebuoy5 simple steps for you to live a healthy lifestyle
This video ad reminds me of a Dettol hand wash liquid a few years back. It’s a song with instruction on how to wash your hands with proper means.

Interesting, I would rather like the old Dettol advertisement. As the the ads songs are more lively and catchy. However, that advertisement doesn’t last long, according to my memory, it just appear on the tv once only.

That Dettol advertisement was greatly giving impact to me, even today I still have that song in my mind. But no luck, I can’t find the advertisement video from Youtube.

Watch the Lifebuoy Advertisement Video HERE.