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Garageband Compiled Song – Guitar Roll Out

Hui Guitar roll out by Tham Chen Hois
The song basically arranged by follow the strumming of guitar. I am inspired to compile the song after playing the song a few times.

This is my favourite strumming style, especially the double strumming in the chorus part. Hopefully I can come out another version with more double strumming at the right timing of song.

Or perhaps I missed out the electric guitar?

Piano part is not my strength yet, it just simply played in random throughout the arrangement of the song.

Enjoy~ 😉

And Siri Sings in Taiwan Chinese (Translated in English)…

siri singing chinese taiwansiri singing chinese taiwansiri singing chinese taiwan

I guess I’m too lonely, so I talked to Siri..
After that I asked her to sing…
She didn’t sing. But rather “spell out” the lyrics.. funny…

And she said “Satisfied”?

Translation of our Dialogue
Siri : May I help you?
e-meow : Good Morning.
Siri : Morning? It’s 12:29 morning d!
e-meow : Good Night.
Siri : Good night to you too, e-meow.
e-meow : But I don’t wanna to sleep yet…
Siri : Having backache, stressed up? In this case please call 0800-xxx-xxx.
e-meow : Nope.
Siri : Then that’s not the case..
e-meow : Please sing for me.
Siri : Okay, if you insisted me to do so..

“哥哥爸爸真伟大” ~(Brother father is really great)~

“两只老虎,两只老虎….” ~Frère Jacques

Frère Jacques

Dormez-vous ?

Dormez-vous ?~”……

… Satisfied?

e-meow : Well sang.
Siri : Old Mc Donald had a farm….~~
e-meow : I know this song!
Siri : I am sorry, I don’t understand “I know this song!”. Let me check from the internet for “I know this song!”

Multmedia Typographic Portrait – James Blunt

This motion graphic done years back during my study in my college. Well that was my favourite song. Blue color, white background been used in this video. The rationale behind it was creating a calm and relax environment. In fact this is to express my feelings and thoughts when I listen to this song “Goodbye my lover”.

And surprisingly, I just found out that my video had already reached 13,000 views. Interesting, I’ve never thought I could get such numbers. I was wonder if I could turn each views into a ringgit? 😀

“Goodbye my lover”, this song can be relate to anything precious in your life. People interviewed James Blunt about this song, he explain that people will relate this song to anything that is precious to them.

After a traumatic or terrible incident happened in your life, you got to put yourself into a quiet time, in order to reorganise yourself, as well as to regain your thoughts, so that you can refocus back to your life.

Productivity – Manage Your Task and Work Effectively

Recently came accross with some productivity apps for iphone/ipad, believe that will help to improve productivity and better life management.

Wunderlist. Just happened to find out this useful Apps that helps to manage your task. It helps especially you are workaholic or busy person – lots of appointment and scheduled task.

It is easy to use,  you can just simply key in your task descriptions and assign time and date for that particular task. So that it will reminds you to execute the job you’ve planned.

You may no need to assign date or time as well. If you have something that is still pending, that task categorised under “No Dates”, in which you can manage them later, assigning dates to each task respectively at your own convenience.

Good thing about this Apps is that it is cloud apps. That every task data will kept in the server and you can access them everywhere and cross-platform, be it on your iPad, iPhone, Macs, smartphone, PC and etc, so you will not worry the data gone missing or out of date when you using different gadgets or devices. This is great, isn’t it?

Click here to visit the site:

The Process – Sketching, Outlining, Rendering


Begin with draft sketches.


Outlining, and define the color of the subject.


Starts from hair, add in details such as reflections, shading.


Refine the effects on hair, by using soft brush. Basically smooth up the texture.
You may see the difference from previous picture.


The pencil sketches has been removed, so we can focus on coloring.
Same goes to the face part. The eyes added hue.


Coloring on the jacket.


Add some highlights to the jacket.


As well as the shirts.






Additional touch up and refine on character’s shading and colors.


Let’s add some effects: smokey smokey


Brush up a bit on the smokes.


The cigarettes must light up.


Just try to put some shadows for the character.


Final product.

The process involves three steps, they are:

1. Sketching
Generate your subjects.

2. Outlining
Finalize your idea by adding sharper lines to the subject.

3. Rendering
Rendering is adding colors to your subject. It consist of another 3 processes, such as coloring-highlighting-shadow, to make your artwork become more realistic. The more details you add in, the more realistic you can render.

Last but not least, SMOKING IS HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH. Think of your loved one.

The video for this art available in Youtube.