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Life ins’t easy

Almost There by Tham Chen Hois

It’s been tiring day, especially emotions… suppose not to let it affect life. Many things still need to be settled.

Well, thank God that I am able to compose a music to reorganise my thoughts. There’s still hope out there. Hope this music will encouraged you too.

In fact, it was done quickly, therefore the guitar recording doesn’t that good this time.

Garageband Compiled Song – Guitar Roll Out

Hui Guitar roll out by Tham Chen Hois
The song basically arranged by follow the strumming of guitar. I am inspired to compile the song after playing the song a few times.

This is my favourite strumming style, especially the double strumming in the chorus part. Hopefully I can come out another version with more double strumming at the right timing of song.

Or perhaps I missed out the electric guitar?

Piano part is not my strength yet, it just simply played in random throughout the arrangement of the song.

Enjoy~ πŸ˜‰

First Attempt

This is my previous blog. I build this blog using PHP all the way from scratch. Well I have stopped for a while. Due to incomplete CMS system I try to build. I am not able to maintain it well.

So in this coming years I will try to develop it using WordPress, which I do not need to concern anymore on the system structure of the blog itself. πŸ˜€

Wish me luck! πŸ˜›