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Quick way put your Mac to sleep to save energy


The power button on MacBook allows you to put your Mac into sleep mode. To do this, just hold down your power button for one second and release it.

When you are away from your desk, you might leave leave your machine on the desk, it will takes some time to go to sleep mode depending on your power savings settings in your system preference. If you want to put it sleep quickly, then the power button will do.

Besides, there is a little changes on the behavior of the MacBook power button. Previously you just needed to press the button once only to go to sleep mode.

Changes of Behavior in Power Button
After the recent system update by Apple, the power button no longer works if you press once. Now you need to ‘hold and release’ to execute the ‘Sleep’.

I find it good especially when you accidentally pressed the power button while typing on the MacBook keyboard. So you won’t get into unwanted Sleep which interrupt your work there.

Buy Nike+ FuelBand SE in Malaysia

nike-fuelbandLooking forward to have Nike+ FuelBand? Unfortunately Nike+ FuelBand SE is not available in Asia. But only in US or other European country, not even Singapore…

How did I get my Nike+ FuelBand SE in Malaysia?

I have been travelling around shops and Nike retail stores to look for this awesome gadget. But no luck, they do not sell this product. Most of the worker will tell you, ‘buy online’.

Sorry to say that some staff in the stores reacts with annoying feeling when I asked for Nike+ FuelBand SE. I bet quite numbers of people been already started looking for this product from Nike Store in Malaysia.

So there is no other way, but to buy online.

Nike Online Store?

Unfortunately, the online store for Nike+ FuelBand and some other products are not available for Asia region. Therefore, there is no way you place an order from Nike online store to deliver to Asia country, for time being.

1. Ebay/Amazon

So, this is our last trump card. Almost every consumer products can be found here. And this is where I bought my Nike+ FuelBand.

There were quite numbers of seller selling Nike+ FuelBand at Ebay, and the price is slightly higher than the retail price by Nike. But no choice, if you really love the product you should go for it.

You can choose any seller of your favorite. As a piece of advice, you should buy from high ranking seller, to avoid online scam and you’ll lost money. Be extra caution, though.

Here’s some recommendations to get your Nike+ Fuelband

2., (Malaysia only)

Alternatively, you may get Nike+ FuelBand from Malaysia online store as well. I have been wandering around these web store, some seller offers second hand FuelBand. So if you don’t mind about 2nd hand product, this is the place for you.

Also, you need to be quick enough to place your order, as this product has high demand and quickly sold out.

However, you may try to contact the seller too, even if it is sold out or not, to obtain information on how they manage to get this high demand Nike+ FuelBand imported.

Good news is that, some people manage to go overseas working, especially to western country, and they could import these high quality products.

Known Risks

A lot of website put the price of Nike fuelband in this way –  USD 149 (RM 473). Please be reminded that this is direct conversion without added any taxes. The price shall be higher than this.

There is no support in Asia country, it means if something wrong happens to the Nike+ FuelBand, or technical difficulties, you might have hard time to resolve these issue.

Next, the product is imported, it will be incurred with taxes when transport at the custom. Therefore, be prepared for some amount of extra fee to get your goods.


Well, that’s all my thought on this matter. Hope it helps you. Salam sejahtera, 身体健康 ^^

How to Connect KORG Microkey 37/61 to iPad/iPhone

Wanted to enjoy iOS Garageband using external midi keyboard? Connecting the midi keyboard through the camera adapter to iPad/iPhone is possible.

Things you need:

Camera adapter
Powered USB hub

Let’s Do It!

1. Connect Microkey to one of the port at USB hub.

2. Connect USB hub to the iPad/iPhone camera adapter.

3. Switch on the power for USB hub. (supplying electrical power to midi keyboard)

4. Connect the camera adapter to iPad/iPhone.

5. Launch Garageband from iOS.


How to Disable IE Compatibility View and Show The Best Appearance of Web Page

turn off internet explorer compatibility viewMost of the time when you are turning on the compatibility view on Internet explorer 9, the appearance of the web page design looks… Poor.

This is an issue that really cracks the head of a web designers. CSS3 meant to be the catalyst for designer to show forth his spirit and will power to create something beautiful. And by the restriction of IE compatibility view, it automatically disable most of the css3 features. Eventually It killed all efforts of designer to create a beautiful page that enhance user browsing experience.

In order to tackle this issue, it is good that to keep the Internet explorer stick to the latest web technology. In other words, not to let the browser turn off the CSS3 features, so that your website will display at the best appearance.

To do this, thou shall put this code at the head section of your HTML file.

Code here:

<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge” >

In fact, it is a meta tag.

The above tag is setting the Internet explorer to hide the compatibility button, and set
the website display Internet explorer 9 view version by default.

Well, that solves the problem that Internet explorer display with unpleasant view.

So, you might ask how about the Internet explorer 7 and 8? For these two version, you may put some script to inform user that their browser out of date. This is also to encourage them to use latest version or other modern browser like Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Apple Fusion Drive

This is the power of the new hard disk, it’s performance is far exceeding the conventional hard disks.

I do believe the bottleneck of the commuter performance is hard disk. After you upgraded your memory to the max, hard disk is the next thing you should considered.

I used to use a laptop with 5700 rpm speed drive, and maxed system memory. But the system performance doesn’t fulfill my needs – it takes time to spin the hard disk to get access to the programs. After that, I upgraded my hard disk to performance hard disk, the western digital black, scorpion 7200 rpm with 500 GB which cost me about RM 350. It is expensive, I still remember the day I went to the shop and the promoter told me it is not cheap.

Well, it does improve the overall system loading, especially when I open multiple editing programs at one time (I am working with some multimedia productions, it’s my need anyway). However, I still not satisfied with the results. Because the waiting time is still there, which is greatly oppose to my working style.

As a Matter of fact, I don’t have the leisure to multitasking ideas from my brain while waiting for the computer to take part the multitasking cue – It suppose work faster than me.

After some times of struggling with the conventional drive, I finally change my computer to MacBook Air with the full SSD drive, and it just resolves all my problems. Everything goes fast, great performance, and I just ready to work every time I lift up the MacBook Air lit. Unlike my previous PC laptop, it takes a lot of time to load the application again.

Of course, the SSD drive come with cost, it is far more expensive than the conventional hard disk drives. And today experts has come out another solution, which is fusion drive. It is not as fast as the SSD drive, but cheaper than SSD. And better than the conventional drive. In short, it is something in between SSD and conventional drive.

Therefore if you can’t afford the SSD, just go for fusion drive, if you are really serious about working on computer.

This Week’s Blogging Learnings

nuffnang weekly website visitor statisticThis is my learning on how to improve visitor stats. The graph above just something different from last year, since I started my blogging at It’s something never happened before, which the visitor stat has been climbing up.

The report above may not be something impactful to the professional, it may be NOTHING to them, since they tend to have thousands of visitors per day.

But as a beginner, there is something needed to share to anyone who are still under entry-level in blogging, so that they won’t give up easily before they tasted something new.

According to the graph above, the value significantly increased by day. What have I done? In fact, I go around promote by blog. This is one the the technique to improve the number of visitors reading your blog.


“Promote Your Blog” Technique

Normally, most of the blogger telling you to do is post your links at Facebook, Forum, or Blogger Community Page like Technorati, nuffnang and so on.

It’s isn’t Simply Posting Links Anywhere

Promote Website By Sharing Links weirdo and catI just find these ways not effective, if no further efforts been carried out. My findings is that not just posting links only, it has to do with interaction. Why is interaction is so important in the promotion of your blog? With interaction, you have higher chance of receive clicks on the link you’ve shared.

How to do it? First, just find any post in your blog, doesn’t matter if it is old posts or new posts. As long as it is something informative, let’s say: “Creating marble effects using Photoshop”.

Then go to search engine and find forum which is discussing about “photoshop tutorial”, or more specifically “create marble effects forum”. Then, I am sure you will find exact right target of audience who are in this topic.

So if you join the discussion in the forum and at the same time, take chance to share your blog posts which is having the equivalent topic. Through this way, it is high chance for people to visit your blog. And I say, you did it!

The reason behind this is that, people are ready their mindset in the particular topic, and they will certainly explore on the things that is related to their studies.

In a Nutshells

So this way is far more effective than you just simply post your links at “unrelated” place. This is high chances people ignore your links.

As a conclusion, the practical objective in promoting your website is putting a little bit more effort in finding audiences. Hope this is helpful to you all.

Web Design with CSS

The knowledge of CSS is a plus in web design. You ca customize any sections of web template accordingly, and as detail as you intended.

It’s also some technique to avoid uses of images for certain elements of design, such as lines, shapes and colors. With the advancement of HTML5 in recent days, it makes the design using CSS more flexible and practical.

This is just some encourage for web designers that their design supposedly not to restricted by the old concept or technology in web programming. Everything has been progressive improve and please keep on explore more possible methods that allows you to express you masterpiece of your designer’s spirit!

Click here to study the script of the page previewed above

Here’s some sharing of my CSS techniques: playcss

Design impacts.

How to Install Android on Samsung Omnia 2 GT-i8000 (Internal Storage)

android samsung omnia 2 GT-i8000The following post is about installing android cyanogenMod froyo beta 4 on samsung omnia II GT-i8000 internal storage. Please be remind that we are not responsible for any damages that might occur during the installations. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK

Source site:

Download File (Installation Package):
omlaxy-smf4(20121009) – for I8000

Requirement: Linux OS or Running Linux under vmware

1. Plug in your phone to the PC, then open up “Disk Utilities”. Create three partition on your phone with respective file system and label. (Warning: This will destroy everything on your phone storage!)

Partition 1: sdcard (FAT32) – Adjust your own size, as long as let enough space for ext4 and linux swap
Partition 2: system (ext4) – 1.9GB, remember to uncheck ‘Take ownership of filesystem’ when format
Partition 3: (linux swap) – 218MB, label can be blank, remember to uncheck ‘Take ownership of filesystem’ when format

2. Mount the Partition 1 (sdcard) and Partition 2 (system).

3. Put the sm-ext4.tar.gz file on Desktop. Extract the sm-ext4.tar.gz to partition 2 using terminal, by entering the following command:
Key in each line one time, and then press ENTER. It’s case sensitive, please follow exactly.

cd Desktop

sudo tar -zxvf sm-ext4.tar.gz -C /media/system/

When you are prompt to enter username and password, just do so.

4. It take some time to extract the files to partition 2. When finished, enter the following command again to edit fstab.vold file:

sudo -vi /media/system/system/etc/fstab.vold

You are about to edit this file, just look for line near #externel sdcard and modified as follow:

dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/platform/s3c-sdhci.0/mmc_host/mmc0
change to
dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/platform/s3c-sdhci.1/mmc_host/mmc1

change 0 to 1. Save and Quit the file.

5. Enter the following command in Terminal:

sudo touch /media/system/system/etc/fstab

sudo chmod 666 /media/system/system/etc/fstab

sudo echo /dev/block/mmcblk1p3 swap swap defaults 0 0 > /media/system/system/etc/fstab


6. Copy “haret.exe”, “startup.txt”, and  “zimage” to Partition 1 (sdcard).

7. Edit startup.txt. Modify “mmcblk1p2” to “mmcblk0p2”.

8. Done! Now you can unplug your phone from computer and run “haret.exe” from your phone. Enjoy!

iPhone has been stollen from Apple website!

Haha, missing iPhone? Actually just the Internet connection was just happened to be weak and didn’t load the web images completely.

In fact, Apple website is just awesome. Even the absence to the featured product, the design of the website is creating an elegant atmosphere and it’s comfortable to browse around.


Cash Flow Free – Manage your money quickly and effectively

Cash Flow Free iOS and Android Apps

Ever practicing doing budgeting on your expenses? Or just can’t make it a consistently in life as well as a good habbit practices?

This easy to use app helps you quickly to jot down your expenses quickly. Because you can install it on your smart phone or iPhone and access it as frequent as you holding your phone.

It features some reporting tool for you to oversee your income or expenses, give some better idea on how to plan your daily or monthly expenses. The reporting tool displays the statistic tools using colour-graphs which is easy to read.

The income/expenses records can be shared among multiple devices, by data syncing through the Dropbox. Once you allow the app access to your Dropbox account, you may access your records on other devices like iPad or Android tablet. Or even shared with other users you intended to.

Available in App StoreGoogle play