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Analyze the Web Traffic – Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool

It’s useful to find out whether your site is being visited. It has keywords analysis for you to know whether you are using the good keyword that draws users to your site.

The information displayed in the graph charts, by keyword hits, visitor demographics, locations, links to your site and so on. These information are useful to help you improve your website, especially in content development. You will aware of what kind of content is popular or having great tendency of drawing crowds.

Of course, some simple steps needed to taken up to set up the google webmaster, as well as porting your website it, so that you can analyze your site using google webmaster tools.

Generate Income

It eventually become your income if you manage your websites/blogs well. The traffic of visitors are the source of income. As you getting generating more traffic from your website, you may subscribe to some web advertisement program that help you to generate income. Such as Google Adsense, Nuffnang, AdHitz, etc.

Basically, these programs serves advertisements to your site. As the users clicked on the ads, you will able to receive some commision for the company of the program respectively.

Besides, this can be depends on how much of the advertisement being served too. Once you hit the target number of advertisement served (usually they call this impression), you will received comissions.

Productivity – Manage Your Task and Work Effectively

Recently came accross with some productivity apps for iphone/ipad, believe that will help to improve productivity and better life management.

Wunderlist. Just happened to find out this useful Apps that helps to manage your task. It helps especially you are workaholic or busy person – lots of appointment and scheduled task.

It is easy to use, ¬†you can just simply key in your task descriptions and assign time and date for that particular task. So that it will reminds you to execute the job you’ve planned.

You may no need to assign date or time as well. If you have something that is still pending, that task categorised under “No Dates”, in which you can manage them later, assigning dates to each task respectively at your own convenience.

Good thing about this Apps is that it is cloud apps. That every task data will kept in the server and you can access them everywhere and cross-platform, be it on your iPad, iPhone, Macs, smartphone, PC and etc, so you will not worry the data gone missing or out of date when you using different gadgets or devices. This is great, isn’t it?

Click here to visit the site:

Do you install your OS in this kind of partition?:> format c: /q /a:64k /fs:ntfs

I tried it, the result is just awesome.

This is not about optimizing startup application, background process, or free up your hard disk space. These all are the method used over the last decades.

This is about doing something on your harddisk drive before you put your OS inside.

Less cluster, faster read/write.

-Large file will be stored in larger cluster, hence less number of cluster required to store a large size file.
Seeking time reduced.
-I the harddisk less burden?

Disk space wastage.

-You will waste a lot of space by storing large number of small cluster files. (Single file that is smaller than 64KB in size)

You probably don’t need to defragment your computer anymore.

Even you defrag your computer, it takes lesser time to do it.
Read and Write speed significantly boosted up.
Fast loading throughout boot process.
Fast software application loading.
Fast copy/paste/delete file process.
Fast hibernation process.
Fast media rendering. (Especially Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, any Audio Editing software, video conversion…)
Take less time to do major system update – Windows Update (U should know it is freaking slow…)
You harddisk easily goes full.