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Dawn – 15 minutes of years

The day is going to come to an end. I took my chance to look at the sky, because it’s simply beautiful and I don’t want to miss this precious moment. At this time, you will able to hear some birds chirping, as if asking people to going home. I am looking at the sky everyday… it is part of my daily routine, not to mention it has higher priority than brushing my teeth…

It’s been a tiring day, I thank God for giving such a nice scenery view that could comfort myself down. As I currently have no one to talk to, who I wish to have a close relationship. In fact, we don’t need too much conversation, just wanted to have somebody there to accompany me during this cooling down period.

The relationship is so close until knowing each other’s heart, mind and soul. Conversation between don’t even started orally, it’s by the presence of each other. I guess this is called intimate relationships? The close relationships between husband and wife, or loves one. I started to long for it more and more and day by day ever since I left my home.

For me, life is always stressful and most of the time I don’t know how to cope with it. The best way I got here is get myself to a quiet place, and free of crowds. Maybe I am just too tired? As I find myself lazy to deal things with people; or perhaps I am an animal? I don’t know..

..this is the best answer.

…Is it? I am not sure. Every day is unsettling…

But one thing for sure is, you have to move on. No matter what.


Create – Creative – Creativity

What is creative? In a simple way to explain, it’s the ability to create something. But nowadays many people failed to create something new due to being bound by the rules. By carrying out something continuously repeating the same way without any changes won’t bring you anywhere. You are just “copying” the previous process, and execute it in the same manner. In the end you will never get new outcomes.

That’s why when people talk about creative, they say “think out of the box”. Which is something that oppose the current rules or guideline you’ve been following through and through.

Well, I am not saying that doing the daily routine makes you not creative. Daily life routine is NECESSARY. But the only thing is that you need to put a little effort, so that you could improve your life, that’s makes the different in your life as well. “Different”, is also one of the key found in creative.

There’s another extreme point of creativity. In fact, if you never willing to do routines, you will not getting into creative. Because creativity has got to do with idea relating. In which some cases, you are joining the all single piece of ideas or information into something new. By doing routine, you are gaining experience, hence you received ideas and information on something. The more you expose yourself into these thoughts, the more new idea you are able to generate. You can be creative, isn’t it wonderful.

They tend to say “lefty people (right-brain dominant) are creative while righty people (left-brain dominant) is not”. I am totally disagree with this statement if you say so. I’ll find it more acceptable with “lefty people MORE creative than righty people”. It is wrong if you say righty people are not creative at all. As I said already, left/right brain dominant, that means people tend to be more extreme in their respective side of brain.

Remember every human has two sides of brain? Being a creative person is really depends on how much effort you willing to put into your mental process. Not just by rely on which dominant you born to be.

If you are born to be right-brain dominant, please do not be too proud of that you are belonging to the creative group. If you never use your brain to think, you are not getting anywhere, too.

If you are born to be left-brain dominant, please don’t be discouraged. Because sometimes you have creative thoughts, but you didn’t realized it. Keep on practicing it, and you will the magic.


The Orange Cat

It’s a orange cat captured near my school office.

This was a photo taken down during my final year in college. I was passing by the office, and this cat lazily rest at the staircase nearby. And it seems doesn’t fear to anybody.

Even I get near to the cat, it simply no alerts – It doesn’t care my presence at all. Therefore I am able to take such a close shots.

Until recent months ago, I heard that this cat is actually attached to the office for some times already. Most of the working staff there also knew about it. And the cat attempted to enter the office whenever students or staffs opening the office door.

And I also heard that they put a notice on the office door, it reads “Do not let the meow meow enter the office”.

No wonder the cat feels so relax hanging around there…

Missed Those Days

The college student’s life. This is my breakfast/lunch.

Been woke up late, so this taking this won’t taking any lunch after that.

The laptop behind is my best companion throughout my college studies. I use the laptop ┬áto do my assignments, home works, research enjoy some entertainment such as computer games, movie, facebooking, web browsing, keeping myself distracted during my emotional time… This laptop also helps me in earning money. I earn to pay my life expenses, college fees.

People says wasting time sitting in front of computer. Sitting in front of computer is not healthy life. Well, it depends on what are you doing with it.

Guess what? I am sitting in front of computer about more than 10 hours everyday. If I don’t sit in front of computer for long hour, how am I to work for income? Who is going to pay for me? How am I going to improve myself to serve better in my work?

Well, it’s unhealthy, but it doesn’t mean dead end. As there’s always ways to fix the situations. Get to some workout in gym, take some supplements if necessary, and drink more water in air-conditioned room.

Going to 1 UTAMA From Wangsa Maju, Setapak

Wangsa Maju
> Kelana Jaya
> Rapid Bus 43
(Across Road, opposite of the LRT Station)
> 1 Utama

It all started from take a LRT ride from Wangsa Maju LRT to LRT Kelana Jaya. After that take Rapid Bus 89, as stated on notice board, going to Bandar Utama.

However, just now I waited about an hour and there’s no sign of Bus 89 coming in. Even after an 89 bus reached the station, it does not going to anywhere, and the bus is empty. The respective bus driver told me that have to wait until the bus boarded.

Then, I went around to ask person nearby and they told me that need to go across the opposite of the road to take Bus.

Well, I guess there’s no use to rely on the sign board there. It’s better to ask people, rather than sitting and wait.

After I went across another side of the road, I took Rapid Bus 43 (if my memory serves me well..). And then the bus took me to 1 Utama, going along a high way(I forgot the name of the road…) straight to the bus station at 1 Utama. They bus trip took about 7 minutes.