Chinese New Year 2013, Year of Snake

20130130-132602.jpgJust draw some snakes in preparing Chinese New Year cards. It’s a new insight on how to create new image clip using the most natural means.

In fact I drew the subject on a piece of paper, and then using iPhone to take a photo of it for further processing in photoshops.

The results is so great, with the good camera lens of iPhone, I am able to capture the drawing and transferred it into computer without using scanner. And the process is very quick and fast.

Instead of using scanner to capture images, you have alternative way to do so by using high def camera or even phone camera. So hope this would be one solution for your case that when you wanted to capture image, but there is no proper scanner around.

Using phone camera to capture image isn’t bad at all. It does good enough serve the purpose. Personally, I find it very effective and practical.

Upcoming Post: The Further Image Processing on Camera-captured Drawings

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