Going to 1 UTAMA From Wangsa Maju, Setapak

Wangsa Maju
> Kelana Jaya
> Rapid Bus 43
(Across Road, opposite of the LRT Station)
> 1 Utama

It all started from take a LRT ride from Wangsa Maju LRT to LRT Kelana Jaya. After that take Rapid Bus 89, as stated on notice board, going to Bandar Utama.

However, just now I waited about an hour and there’s no sign of Bus 89 coming in. Even after an 89 bus reached the station, it does not going to anywhere, and the bus is empty. The respective bus driver told me that have to wait until the bus boarded.

Then, I went around to ask person nearby and they told me that need to go across the opposite of the road to take Bus.

Well, I guess there’s no use to rely on the sign board there. It’s better to ask people, rather than sitting and wait.

After I went across another side of the road, I took Rapid Bus 43 (if my memory serves me well..). And then the bus took me to 1 Utama, going along a high way(I forgot the name of the road…) straight to the bus station at 1 Utama. They bus trip took about 7 minutes.

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