How to Disable IE Compatibility View and Show The Best Appearance of Web Page

turn off internet explorer compatibility viewMost of the time when you are turning on the compatibility view on Internet explorer 9, the appearance of the web page design looks… Poor.

This is an issue that really cracks the head of a web designers. CSS3 meant to be the catalyst for designer to show forth his spirit and will power to create something beautiful. And by the restriction of IE compatibility view, it automatically disable most of the css3 features. Eventually It killed all efforts of designer to create a beautiful page that enhance user browsing experience.

In order to tackle this issue, it is good that to keep the Internet explorer stick to the latest web technology. In other words, not to let the browser turn off the CSS3 features, so that your website will display at the best appearance.

To do this, thou shall put this code at the head section of your HTML file.

Code here:

<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge” >

In fact, it is a meta tag.

The above tag is setting the Internet explorer to hide the compatibility button, and set
the website display Internet explorer 9 view version by default.

Well, that solves the problem that Internet explorer display with unpleasant view.

So, you might ask how about the Internet explorer 7 and 8? For these two version, you may put some script to inform user that their browser out of date. This is also to encourage them to use latest version or other modern browser like Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

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