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I just sign up to contributor lounge, thinking of starting some way to earn side income using   talents. Besides, I hope that music created will become blessings to those who in need.

Music can heal, encourage a person. Therefore I find it is some power to those who has ability to compose and perform musics or songs. Giving people more positive power to make a person’s life better.

It is great that to hear some of the music contributor’s masterpiece from Their works brings courage and lifted up the spirit indeed. They are really wonderful and awesome, as my days had been brightened.

Next, I find that it is not easy to create a proper music as there’s some tight guideline, especially in some technical way. In fact, I manage to redo some parts of the music, fixing the mistakes before submitting to the contributor application.

When thing get done, I should more focus on music playing and practices in order to get more inspiration to create new music. It needs a lot of efforts and time, but I think I will enjoy throughout the process.

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