Missed Those Days

The college student’s life. This is my breakfast/lunch.

Been woke up late, so this taking this won’t taking any lunch after that.

The laptop behind is my best companion throughout my college studies. I use the laptop ┬áto do my assignments, home works, research enjoy some entertainment such as computer games, movie, facebooking, web browsing, keeping myself distracted during my emotional time… This laptop also helps me in earning money. I earn to pay my life expenses, college fees.

People says wasting time sitting in front of computer. Sitting in front of computer is not healthy life. Well, it depends on what are you doing with it.

Guess what? I am sitting in front of computer about more than 10 hours everyday. If I don’t sit in front of computer for long hour, how am I to work for income? Who is going to pay for me? How am I going to improve myself to serve better in my work?

Well, it’s unhealthy, but it doesn’t mean dead end. As there’s always ways to fix the situations. Get to some workout in gym, take some supplements if necessary, and drink more water in air-conditioned room.

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