Multmedia Typographic Portrait – James Blunt

This motion graphic done years back during my study in my college. Well that was my favourite song. Blue color, white background been used in this video. The rationale behind it was creating a calm and relax environment. In fact this is to express my feelings and thoughts when I listen to this song “Goodbye my lover”.

And surprisingly, I just found out that my video had already reached 13,000 views. Interesting, I’ve never thought I could get such numbers. I was wonder if I could turn each views into a ringgit? 😀

“Goodbye my lover”, this song can be relate to anything precious in your life. People interviewed James Blunt about this song, he explain that people will relate this song to anything that is precious to them.

After a traumatic or terrible incident happened in your life, you got to put yourself into a quiet time, in order to reorganise yourself, as well as to regain your thoughts, so that you can refocus back to your life.

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