Old blog

It’s a old blog there, just want to remind myself that I have to do something about it! last time used to designed the web template with efforts but now it ends up abandoned… 🙁

So been constantly thinking what this site can do… Last time was exploiting it to draw traffics by submitting it to auto traffic sites. Nevertheless, I wont’t do this unethical way to promote website again. Not even my current new web blog…never do that again, it benefited not much.

There is so much you can do to improve and promote your website, by adding more useful and informative contents to the site. The best way is that, keep updating consistently, so that your blog doesn’t seemed ‘abandoned’, which I think also bringing some bad impression to the visitors who visited your website.

So then, keep on working hard to complete the incomplete web blog.

Blog can be part of your life, you should complete it, I guess… (This saying guy is crazy, and made this crazy posts, please ignore him)


created using Wacom Bamboo Paper Apps, iPad 3rd gen+Wacom Bamboo Stylus.

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