Analyze the Web Traffic – Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool

It’s useful to find out whether your site is being visited. It has keywords analysis for you to know whether you are using the good keyword that draws users to your site.

The information displayed in the graph charts, by keyword hits, visitor demographics, locations, links to your site and so on. These information are useful to help you improve your website, especially in content development. You will aware of what kind of content is popular or having great tendency of drawing crowds.

Of course, some simple steps needed to taken up to set up the google webmaster, as well as porting your website it, so that you can analyze your site using google webmaster tools.

Generate Income

It eventually become your income if you manage your websites/blogs well. The traffic of visitors are the source of income. As you getting generating more traffic from your website, you may subscribe to some web advertisement program that help you to generate income. Such as Google Adsense, Nuffnang, AdHitz, etc.

Basically, these programs serves advertisements to your site. As the users clicked on the ads, you will able to receive some commision for the company of the program respectively.

Besides, this can be depends on how much of the advertisement being served too. Once you hit the target number of advertisement served (usually they call this impression), you will received comissions.

Garageband Compiled Song – Guitar Roll Out

Hui Guitar roll out by Tham Chen Hois
The song basically arranged by follow the strumming of guitar. I am inspired to compile the song after playing the song a few times.

This is my favourite strumming style, especially the double strumming in the chorus part. Hopefully I can come out another version with more double strumming at the right timing of song.

Or perhaps I missed out the electric guitar?

Piano part is not my strength yet, it just simply played in random throughout the arrangement of the song.

Enjoy~ 😉

And Siri Sings in Taiwan Chinese (Translated in English)…

siri singing chinese taiwansiri singing chinese taiwansiri singing chinese taiwan

I guess I’m too lonely, so I talked to Siri..
After that I asked her to sing…
She didn’t sing. But rather “spell out” the lyrics.. funny…

And she said “Satisfied”?

Translation of our Dialogue
Siri : May I help you?
e-meow : Good Morning.
Siri : Morning? It’s 12:29 morning d!
e-meow : Good Night.
Siri : Good night to you too, e-meow.
e-meow : But I don’t wanna to sleep yet…
Siri : Having backache, stressed up? In this case please call 0800-xxx-xxx.
e-meow : Nope.
Siri : Then that’s not the case..
e-meow : Please sing for me.
Siri : Okay, if you insisted me to do so..

“哥哥爸爸真伟大” ~(Brother father is really great)~

“两只老虎,两只老虎….” ~Frère Jacques

Frère Jacques

Dormez-vous ?

Dormez-vous ?~”……

… Satisfied?

e-meow : Well sang.
Siri : Old Mc Donald had a farm….~~
e-meow : I know this song!
Siri : I am sorry, I don’t understand “I know this song!”. Let me check from the internet for “I know this song!”

ShareThis –

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This site provides social plugin to wide range of cms side such as wordpress, joomla, blogger and so on, even your custom personal websites too! It is totally free and easy to use. No registrations required.

Just simply follow the steps, it will guide you to build your social plugin and implement into your website. You may also customized your buttons, as well as the appearance and which social service you would like to use.

If it’s hard to let go a thing, then how about to pick up something new? Or vice versa..

I am not sure about this, but I could pick up any new skills pretty fast. When talk about pick up, the word “let go” comes into my mind. Because in mandarin, pick up is 拿起,let go is 放下. Despite of literal translations, in some cases this two words is antonyms to each others.

Why am I writting this topics?
In real life situation, it was…

easy to pick up anything, but hard to let go things.

I wonder, is this possible? if it is easy to pick up something, it should be easy to let go as well? Is it a logic do you think? This should be the balance point, i guess…

It may not be possible, there must be some tricks in between…
it was…

easy to pick up anything, but never master it and hard to let go things.

This are the only answer I have. And the explanation for it is,  if you never let go old things, as well as your past, be it glorious past or failure… you will never advanced in your life, although you attempted to pick up something to change your life.

Therefore, in order to move forward in life, you must really left the past behind.

It’s confusing I know, but you know life is always isn’t that easy. 😛

Multmedia Typographic Portrait – James Blunt

This motion graphic done years back during my study in my college. Well that was my favourite song. Blue color, white background been used in this video. The rationale behind it was creating a calm and relax environment. In fact this is to express my feelings and thoughts when I listen to this song “Goodbye my lover”.

And surprisingly, I just found out that my video had already reached 13,000 views. Interesting, I’ve never thought I could get such numbers. I was wonder if I could turn each views into a ringgit? 😀

“Goodbye my lover”, this song can be relate to anything precious in your life. People interviewed James Blunt about this song, he explain that people will relate this song to anything that is precious to them.

After a traumatic or terrible incident happened in your life, you got to put yourself into a quiet time, in order to reorganise yourself, as well as to regain your thoughts, so that you can refocus back to your life.

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