Restrict to web safe color in your web design?

web safe color pallete
web safe color pallete

Nowadays most of the web browsing device supports high color resolutions, therefore you can forget about the web-safe color. As long as your web page is intended for viewing from computer, or even tablet, just go ahead using any color when you design your web page.

Let no one restricts your creativity, it’s yours. The 216 color pallete not making vibrant stunning effect on your work, and I personally just find that the color is less appeal to audience eyes.

When to use web safe color?
However, if you are prioritize on user accessibility, it is important in some case.

Besides, if your page is intended for client print out, web safe color offers color that is close to the printing color. And you will be able to make a good prints that is closely similar with what’s displayed on the screen.


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