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Life ins’t easy

Almost There by Tham Chen Hois

It’s been tiring day, especially emotions… suppose not to let it affect life. Many things still need to be settled.

Well, thank God that I am able to compose a music to reorganise my thoughts. There’s still hope out there. Hope this music will encouraged you too.

In fact, it was done quickly, therefore the guitar recording doesn’t that good this time.

If it’s hard to let go a thing, then how about to pick up something new? Or vice versa..

I am not sure about this, but I could pick up any new skills pretty fast. When talk about pick up, the word “let go” comes into my mind. Because in mandarin, pick up is 拿起,let go is 放下. Despite of literal translations, in some cases this two words is antonyms to each others.

Why am I writting this topics?
In real life situation, it was…

easy to pick up anything, but hard to let go things.

I wonder, is this possible? if it is easy to pick up something, it should be easy to let go as well? Is it a logic do you think? This should be the balance point, i guess…

It may not be possible, there must be some tricks in between…
it was…

easy to pick up anything, but never master it and hard to let go things.

This are the only answer I have. And the explanation for it is,  if you never let go old things, as well as your past, be it glorious past or failure… you will never advanced in your life, although you attempted to pick up something to change your life.

Therefore, in order to move forward in life, you must really left the past behind.

It’s confusing I know, but you know life is always isn’t that easy. 😛

Looking into the Sky of Dawn

I was looking  at the sky and have some thoughts. And the color of the sky is the main agent that always directed my mind, as well as become the direction of topic what am I thinking.

It could be feelings, somehow it can be some motivation and inspiration that encourage myself to move on during my hardship in my life, as life often full of challenges; be it small one or big ones.

Little move could change things in life. However, little stumble in life could affect the direction of life too. Therefore, it is necessary to pause and calm down, to make yourself to think through again, as to get back to right directions in life.