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Dawn – 15 minutes of years

The day is going to come to an end. I took my chance to look at the sky, because it’s simply beautiful and I don’t want to miss this precious moment. At this time, you will able to hear some birds chirping, as if asking people to going home. I am looking at the sky everyday… it is part of my daily routine, not to mention it has higher priority than brushing my teeth…

It’s been a tiring day, I thank God for giving such a nice scenery view that could comfort myself down. As I currently have no one to talk to, who I wish to have a close relationship. In fact, we don’t need too much conversation, just wanted to have somebody there to accompany me during this cooling down period.

The relationship is so close until knowing each other’s heart, mind and soul. Conversation between don’t even started orally, it’s by the presence of each other. I guess this is called intimate relationships? The close relationships between husband and wife, or loves one. I started to long for it more and more and day by day ever since I left my home.

For me, life is always stressful and most of the time I don’t know how to cope with it. The best way I got here is get myself to a quiet place, and free of crowds. Maybe I am just too tired? As I find myself lazy to deal things with people; or perhaps I am an animal? I don’t know..

..this is the best answer.

…Is it? I am not sure. Every day is unsettling…

But one thing for sure is, you have to move on. No matter what.