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This Week’s Blogging Learnings

nuffnang weekly website visitor statisticThis is my learning on how to improve visitor stats. The graph above just something different from last year, since I started my blogging at It’s something never happened before, which the visitor stat has been climbing up.

The report above may not be something impactful to the professional, it may be NOTHING to them, since they tend to have thousands of visitors per day.

But as a beginner, there is something needed to share to anyone who are still under entry-level in blogging, so that they won’t give up easily before they tasted something new.

According to the graph above, the value significantly increased by day. What have I done? In fact, I go around promote by blog. This is one the the technique to improve the number of visitors reading your blog.


“Promote Your Blog” Technique

Normally, most of the blogger telling you to do is post your links at Facebook, Forum, or Blogger Community Page like Technorati, nuffnang and so on.

It’s isn’t Simply Posting Links Anywhere

Promote Website By Sharing Links weirdo and catI just find these ways not effective, if no further efforts been carried out. My findings is that not just posting links only, it has to do with interaction. Why is interaction is so important in the promotion of your blog? With interaction, you have higher chance of receive clicks on the link you’ve shared.

How to do it? First, just find any post in your blog, doesn’t matter if it is old posts or new posts. As long as it is something informative, let’s say: “Creating marble effects using Photoshop”.

Then go to search engine and find forum which is discussing about “photoshop tutorial”, or more specifically “create marble effects forum”. Then, I am sure you will find exact right target of audience who are in this topic.

So if you join the discussion in the forum and at the same time, take chance to share your blog posts which is having the equivalent topic. Through this way, it is high chance for people to visit your blog. And I say, you did it!

The reason behind this is that, people are ready their mindset in the particular topic, and they will certainly explore on the things that is related to their studies.

In a Nutshells

So this way is far more effective than you just simply post your links at “unrelated” place. This is high chances people ignore your links.

As a conclusion, the practical objective in promoting your website is putting a little bit more effort in finding audiences. Hope this is helpful to you all.

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